Fugued Up


Fugued Up...

..is the story of a man, Ricardo McCafferty, who is shot in the head by a female passenger in his car. He wakes up 4 months later with no memory, and is told that he is a suspect in a serial killer case. The girl who shoots him, and his awkward brother, join in his quest to discover if this just might be true.

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Fugued Up The Movie

Let’s Help One Another

The Cast

We need your financial help in getting Fugued Up made!

There are three ways in which you can do this:
  • Donate up to $2,500 to the project (maybe your stimulus check?) and receive a write-off on next year's taxes.
  • Come in as an actual investor with any amount over $2,500.
  •  In-kind contributions such as airline points,  catering, etc..
The current investments in FUGUED UP come from within- Catrine McGregor, Producer, and Bill Doty, Writer/Director have funded a generous portion of the film. Their commitment to the project on an “all in” basis, and they will not see an ROI until they complete the film and see streaming income. They will be investors in exactly the same position you will be in.

Most films are able to find a home on several streaming platforms, and Catrine McGregor has many strong ties to such companies. It’s getting viewers to find your film and watch it that can be the challenge that keeps the funds from flowing in. Fugued Up, LLC has a huge leg up on most films, in that Senestre Creative, Bill Doty’s company, focusses heavily on social media and web marketing. They will be able to take the film to a viral level.

We are seeking an investment (or several investments) to total $70,000. Each investor will receive 110% payback on their investment before Fugued Up, LLC begins to share in the profits. At that point, each investor, on a pro-rata basis, will receive a 40% return in perpetuity. Only the distributor is positioned before the investor.

Here is an example of the investor payback.

Let’s say one individual were to fund the full $70,000.

In the first quarter of distribution, FUGUED UP makes $100,000.

The distributor takes 20% a rather typical fee: $20,000
The next payment is to the investor, for a total of 110% payback – or $77,000.

The remaining $3000 is split between the production company at 50% ($1800, and the investor($1200)

The next quarter, the film makes another $100,000.

Again, the distributor takes 20%, or $20,000, leaving $80,000.

Now that the investor has received the ROI, the split is now:

Investor, 40%, or $32,000 and Fugued Up, LLC , 60% or $48,000

For a donation under the amount of $2,500, please contact Catrine McGregor for payment options.

Catrine McGregor at 801-793-5008

Fill out all documents here:

Operating Agreement
Membership Investment Agreement
Membership Purchase Agreement

and send them to [email protected] and she’ll contact you about payment options.

Production Has Started

Here are a few behind the scene photos. More to come

We are fortunate to have found our dream cast!
Joshua Malloy

Joshua is the lead in Fugued Up and brings his amazing, natural talent to the role of Ricardo. Originally from Montana, Joshua is an accomplished actor with many awards under his belt for “Best Actor.” His performance in a stage version of ” Jekyll and Hyde” brought him many thumbs up critic reviews.

Chelsea Klikunas

Chelsea is an actress and painter, native to the Northend of Boise. Her hobbies include looking at animals to adopt and apartments that allow animals she can adopt. We couldn’t be happier that she opted to play Lynn. The life she’s bringing to the role is felt throughout the entire film. 

Chance Fuerstinger

Chance has a strong commitment to his acting career. As a long-time student of actress/coach April Matson (Kyle XY), Chance has taken over her Platform Acting Courses in Boise, Idaho. Now his great insights into acting are being shared not only in his Fugued Up role of Rob, but with the entire Boise acting community.

Janet Lo 

Janet has a lengthy resume in film and theater. Her role as Madame Mao in the play of the same name, which she produced, has launched her into a respected reputation throughout the US and Canada. Her smart-ass take on her character Batista in Fugued Up is a performance that will not soon be forgotten.

David H. Stevens

Adam Sandler’s tongue-in-cheek take on David as an actor is ” Yeah, he’s OK.” They actually became close during their work together on Punch Drunk Love and have a great chemistry. David brings nuances to his roles that are matched by few other actors. As soon as he was cast as Easters in  Fugued Up, he was involved in the character’s wardrobe and props. He completely immerses himself in his character, and Easters is no exception.

Larry Thomas

Larry is definitely best known for his role in Seinfeld as the Soup Nazi. He can’t walk down the street twenty feet without someone approaching him and saying “Say it!” He never hesitates to respond with “No soup for you!”
Larry is playing the Doctor in          Fugued Up and is super excited about the script. He says that it is one of the funniest and best scripts he’s ever read, and he’s read plenty. Fugued Up is the first role that he has accepted since COVID started, though he’s been approached for many projects during that time
Joe Estevez
Yes, you recognize the name and the face. And yes, Joe is Martin Sheen’s brother and Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez’ uncle- and he’s been in more films than all of them combined!  He is a lovely actor and human being. Like Larry Thomas, he has also accepted this role of Dad because he thinks that the Fugued Up script is one of the best he’s ever read.
Jan Broberg
Jan has been on the LA acting scene for 30 years, ever since she starred opposite Victoria Principal, as her co-star, in a CBS movie, Blind Witness. She went on to be in many popular projects including Iron Man 3, a recurring role in EverwoodManiac, and Criminal Minds. Jan brings her talent to the role of Mom in Fugued Up.
Jan Broberg is best known for being the subject of the Netflix’ documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, which was Netflix most viewed documentary for a year. If you haven’t seen it, do.
Brooke Burton  
Brooke is rapidly becoming a shining star in the Boise film community. She is an accomplished photographer and brings that creative eye to all of the roles she’s played and will be playing – including the Nurse in Fugued Up. She is quite the chameleon and creates a completely new character in every role she plays – sometimes to the point that she can’t be recognized.